24H of the Nurburgring

It’s been a couple of months since we returned from this years Nurburgring 24H race and I have realised I have done nothing with my pictures. The fascination with this race started in 2007 when my good friend Perry and me found a video called MAL’S BIG GREEN HELL about a team of Australians who took a Holden to the race in 2006. Since then we have only missed the event once because it’s incredible.

Dottinger hohe Nurbrurgring 24H 2011

This year we had a group of 6 of us heading over for the race staying in Centre Parcs just outside Kelberg it’s close enough to the track to not be a problem but you can go for a swim when your finished unlike staying in the villages around the track.

Saturday morning arrived it was damp and raining but it was still time to head over to the track get some tickets and have a walk around the grid before the start.

The grid Nurbrugring 24H 2011

The grid was full of fans but Perry went and found our hero Big Mal who happened to be making a new video so Perry stuck his 2p’s worth in.Perry talks to Big Mal 24H 2011

As the start time approached we head down the track a little and found a good place to watch the start we even managed to invade the track for the parade laps.Parade lap Nurburgring 24H

Our gang on the Parade lap Nurburgring 24H 2011
We were soon ordered off the track and the race began. The variety of cars in this race is amazing if the misery of diesel power has put you off Le Mans come to the ring and enjoy some real cars.

Ferrari p4 5 competizione Nurburgring 24H

Lamborghini Nurburgring 24H

BMW 1 Series Nurburgring 24H 2011

Opel Manta 24H 2011

Mercedes SLS 24H 2011
The cars raced into the dark the most exciting place we have found in the dark is the tourist driving entrance on the dottinger straight. You can get so close to the cars as they come past you at full speed.

Dottinger hohe Nurbrurgring 24H 2011

Dottinger hohe Nurbrurgring 24H 2011 our gang

Then down to the Adenau bridge for some more night-time magic.

Adenau Bridge Dark Nurburgring 24H 2011

Sunday morning soon came round and the weather had changed for the better after a lot of sausage for breakfast…

Adam Holt disease

We just relaxed watching the race go by.

Watched some more Nurburgring 24H
Towards the end of the race we headed back up to the GP circuit to watch the finish and invade the pit lane after the race had finished. As we entered the track it seemed this Audi had a problem a broken drive shaft so close to the end of the race.

Broken Audi Nurburgring 24H 2011

Broken Audi waiting Nurburgring 24H 2011

Eventually the race came to an end we entered the pit lane as planned it was full of people and teams celebrating the finish.

Pit lane at the end of the 24H 2011

We are winners Nurburgring 24H 2011
We positioned our self under the podium to watch the celebrations getting soaked in champagne in the process.

Champagne Perry
We just time to have a tour of the pits at the end coming across Mal’s broken Holden in the process then it was time to go home for another year.

Mal's Rooted Nurburgring 24H 2011

Our gand on the way back from 24H
No doubt we’ll be back again next year so do it all over again.



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  1. Paz

    Badass brooooo! Same time next year!

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